Chords Analysis Charli XCX – Boys

Charli XCX – Boys

This song is written by Cass Lowe, Emily Warren, Ingrid Andress, Jerker Hansson, Lauv & Michael Pollack and produced by Jerker Hansson.

“Boys” is in D Major key for electone player you have to transpose up 1 tone to play this song with easy version. It uses 5 chords with 2 1 4 and 6 4 1 5 progressions. Use Down Down Up Up Down Up strumming pattern per chord.

See example of chords lyrics here:

Am                                        F
And when they finally leave me, I’m all alone but
C                                              G
 I’m lookin’ down and my girls are blowin’ my phone up
Am                                               F
 Them twenty questions, they askin’ me where I’m at
 C                           G
Didn’t hit ‘em back

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